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Where to go after midnight
Late night small bars in Sydney

It's getting close to the witching hour and your favourite venue is about to call last drinks, what are your late night options for small bars? [More]

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Top 10 small bars
top 10 small bars
Your guide to the best 10 experiences Sydney small bars have to offer. [More]


The Top 10 Small Bars in Sydney
When it comes to small bars, people are now spoilt for choice - but that doesn't make it any easier to pick a venue for the evening. This top 10 will guide you through the best small bar experiences Sydney has on offer. There are no restrictions: the small bars can be cocktails bars, wine bars or just a friendly place to grab a drink. See for yourself: The top 10 small bars in Sydney.

New Small Bars in Sydney
Last updated April 2014

Trying to stay ahead of the crowds? Why not drop into one of the latest small bars to open their doors:

  • Bitter Phew
    With its emphasis on craft beers, it's more like a small pub than a small bar.
    Opened: January 2014

  • Tatler
    The elegance and sophistication of Tatler is not immediately obvious when entering the bar's battered grilled door. Descend the stairs, admire the fitout, then the cocktails: 9/10
    Opened: November 2013

  • Papa Gede's Bar
    This Kent Street hideaway is likely to attract people who are more interested in taking their time rather than downing beer after beer: 6/10
    Opened: November 2013

  • York Trading & Co
    Opening up opposite Mojo Record bar on York Street, this narrow property takes in name from both its address and New York inspired theme. Expect more than just cocktails: 6/10
    Opened: October 2013

  • The Golden Age
    Of the new small bars in Sydney, few can match the pedigree of this small bar which features a working cinema dating back to the 1940s: 6/10
    Opened: September 2013

    Coming soon

  • Frog Hollow Bar
    In Sydney's shadier past, a part of Surry Hills known as 'Frog Hollow' was the go-to place for vice: it's the perfect setting to open a small bar.

    Recent additions

  • Miss Peaches
    A bar and eatery that offers a Deep South twist on Newtown's small bar scene: 7/10

  • The Wanderer
    Small, narrow and busy, this is the place to grab an easy drink: 6/10

  • The Barber Shop
    There aren't many places in the world where you can get a haircut and enjoy a cocktail while you wait (don't worry, haircuts are optional): 6/10

  • Lobo Plantation
    If your rum experiences are limited to Bacardi or Bundy and coke, now is the time to explore the spirit that has been overlooked for so long: 7/10

  • Hello Sailor
    It may be billed as a nautical-themed bar, but it definitely needs the word cheesy thrown in: 6/10

    Sydney now has a flourishing small bar scene, and here's how to find the best ones. Each review will show you the best Sydney small bars for dates, drinks with friends, after-work catch-ups or even a quiet spot to read a book. Finding a particular small bar can add to its mystique and unlike the large beer barns that once dominated the drinking landscape, each of Sydney's small bars has a distinct personality of its own. You can settle at one of the bars for the night or happily stroll for a few minutes between your favourites. If you'd like to see a review of your favourite or latest on the small bar scene, drop us an email via the contact page.