Sydney's Best Small Bars


Small Bars: Newtown | Enmore
Inner city, at times gritty and long time student mecca, the streetscapes of Newtown and Enmore meant they had small bars long before the rest of Sydney caught on. Some of the original stalwarts are looking a little dated now, but new small bars are taking up the reigns.

  • Bar Racuda
    Sitting directly opposite the Enmore Theatre, it is probably the first venue in a long time to offer something different without seeming at odds with the neighbourhood: 7/10

  • Bench Wine Bar
    Starkly modern venue serving cocktails and wines: 5/10

  • Corridor
    From the street-side it seems quiet but venture deeper for the action: 6/10

  • Mary's
    Lurking down a backstreet off Newtown's main drag, this bar is loud, crowded and serves a pricey fastfood menu. 5/10

  • Miss Peaches
    A bar and eatery that offers a Deep South twist on Newtown's small bar scene: 7/10

  • The Midnight Special
    Refined grunge may seem like a contradiction but it's the best way of describing this small bar on the outskirts of Newtown: 6/10

  • The Moose
    Occupying a small shopfront and seating about 30 people, it's the perfect local bar: 6/10


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