Sydney's Best Small Bars


The best small bars to visit
With so many choices in small bars, Sydney is getting spoilt for choice. So what are some of the best ways to explore the different venues? Here are some tips for experiencing the diversity that the small bar scene can bring, from late nighters to pub crawls and wine bars or places to go on your first Tinder date.

  • Top 10 small bars in Sydney
    In recent years, the small bar scene has been one of the most dynamic aspects of Sydney night life. New small bars appear each month and some shine brightly before fading into the background. Others continue to draw the crowds years after opening. In Sydney, people are now spoilt for choice but that doesn't make it any easier to find the best ones. This list of Top 10 small bars will guide you through the best experiences Sydney has on offer.
    Top 10 small bars in Sydney

  • Where to have Tinder dates in Sydney: venues and tips
    You've both swiped right and the banter has been good, so you've decided to meet your Tinder date in real life. Picking the right venue can smooth the nervous process of meeting your Tinder date for the first time. That's why we have listed the top small bars for your date, and included some extra tips.
    Where to have Tinder dates in Sydney

  • Small bar pub crawls
    What better way to explore small bars than a pub crawl? These two routes are particularly easy as they are flat, well connected to transport and can be easily modified. The pub crawls include closing times, reviews, and interactive Google maps showing the routes and bars.
    Redfern pub crawl Sydney pub crawl (CBD)

  • Where to go after midnight
    It's past 11pm and your favourite venue is about to call last drinks. Apart from a seedy club in Kings Cross, what are your late night options? Despite most small bars closing at midnight (with last drinks often called at 11:30pm), there are several places to grab a late night drink.
    Late night small bars in Sydney

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