Sydney's Best Small Bars


Small Bars: Redfern and Chippendale
Long considered a no-go zone at night, this area is starting to flourish. With a mix of inner city grunge, declining industrial dominance and a resurgent interest in the area, small bars are beginning to spring up as a viable alternative to the local pubs. Redfern Street, Redfern is ground zero with small bars opening near more established pubs: you'll easily encounter a dozen different venues in this area alone. If you are up for a bit of exploration, this short but growing list of small bars will get you started:

  • Arcadia Liquors
    If you like your place fun, a little bit country or folksy, this is going to be your favourite spot in Redfern: 8/10

  • Bearded Tit
    Following a common theme of part bar, part art space, this bar presents itself in a casual manner while finding the right balance between engaging and fun: 6/10

  • Hustle & Flow
    Sydney's only dedicated hip-hop small bar that merges the old and new Redfern in one location: 6/10

  • The Dock
    Fun and a little out there, but the perfect antidote for some of the Sydney's pretentiousness: 8/10

  • The Noble Hops
    Opening in May 2016, the latest small bar in Redfern has an emphsis on craft beers

  • Freda's Bar and Canteen
    The cocktails have a mature taste and it's rare to see sugary fruity concoctions at this Chippendale bar: 7/10

  • Knox Street Bar
    Despite its unlikely location a block or so down a suburban backstreet, this bar is worth the detour.

  • Zigi's Art Wine Cheese Bar
    The kind of place you want to like with its friendly staff, art space plus the cheese and wine options. But it's let down by poor execution: 5/10

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