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Arcadia Liquors
7 Cope Street, Redfern

Arcadia Liquors, Redfern

There is no lack of imagination at Arcadia Liquors. Instead of just opening the doors at the same times each week and tinkering with a the cocktail menu, this bar offers a range of different events to entice you back. Previously they have run Cut Club Tuesday (grab a beer, grab a haircut), DJ Smokey LaBeef, grilled bratwurst night and more recently live folk music nights (Wednesdays) and live country music on Sundays. Out back, a beer garden opened in Spring 2012, with reasonably priced beer on tap to match. So if you like your place fun, a little bit country or folksy, this is going to be your favourite spot in Redfern.

On the more serious matter of drinking, the bar’s main strengths are wine by the glass and selection of beers. The wine list is not overly long but it covers a good variety of whites and reds in the range $9-$11, with a few options coming in at the bargain price of $6-$7. Mixed spirits start at $7 with a choice of two beers on tap (Spaten Lager, $5.50, 300ml and Coopers Pale, $6.50 a schooner). Food mainly consists of nuts, toasted sandwiches and the occasional bratwurst, but ask at the bar and they’ll let you order in food from the nearby Chinese restaurant.

In brief: Arcadia Liquors
Best things: Fun drinking environment without busting the bank: $14 cocktails, $6 wines and tap beer starting at $5.50
Don't miss: Sunday evenings (watch out for 10pm close) and themed nights (normally folk or hillbilly)
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends, after work drinks, dates
Date tip: Back couch area to the right of the bar.
Gripes: To advertise upcoming nights, they tend to rely on writing on the front window of the bar and occasionally post to their Facebook page, while the website might as well display animated tumble weeds.
Rating: 8/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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