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Goodgod Small Club
53 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Goodgod Small Club, Sydney CBD

Goodgod Small Club wears three hats: it's a bar, a dance venue and restaurant/canteen. But donít go thinking it is a mega-complex like many other places in Sydney. It's also quite small. Despite being connected, each section is given it's own title: get your food at The Dip, shake off the excess calories in the Dancetaria and loosen up with a drink at the Front Bar.

On busy nights, GoodGod Small Club is noisy, hectic and stuff just seems to be going on everywhere. This is not a place for sophistication, it's a place for fun and food on the cheaper side if you don't mind going a little downmarket. The Dip serves up burgers from $12, hotdogs from $10, spicy chicken wings at $10 and nachos from $14. The food quality can be a bit erratic and the portions are on the small side.

The Front Bar serves up typical drinks and the only thing that stands out is that they are not particularly pricey. It's the place to grab a beer, wine or spirit mix. If that doesn't appeal, then share a jug of their signature sangria or punch ($30).

Later in the evenings the Danceteria opens and generally has a cover charge. Check GoodGod's website for what's on. One warning though, sometimes the Danceteria goes 'full venue'. This means you'll pay a cover just to enter any part of GoodGod, including the Front Bar (expect to pay $10-$20 and occasionally more for some acts).

In brief: Goodgod Small Club
Best things: Late close time - 5am on weekends and 2am Thursdays for those who don't have a job, or don't care about it even if they do.
Don't miss: The sangria/trashy food/dance 'til late/dive bar experience
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends, dates (see below)
Date tip: There are two date options: grab a both early in the week when it's quiet or come here late to liven things up after visiting another venue.
Gripe: Turning up for a drink only to be told there is a full venue cover charge.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney CBD review and address. On busy nights, GoodGod Small Club is noisy, hectic and stuff just seems to be going on everywhere.