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Surry Hills-Darlinghurst
Hazy Rose [CLOSED]
Level 1, 83 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst

Hazy Rose, Darlinghurst

Tucked amongst the cheap eateries on Stanley Street lies Hazy Rose, a small oasis where you can get original cocktails and friendly service. The place is located on the upper level of a converted terrace that, combined with soft lighting, creates an intimate feel. Rock up to the bar or grab a seat there is table service on many nights, so you can sit and relax. A small but free house cocktail is often served, which tastes a little like Campari (ask the staff for a detailed explanation as availability can change from night to night). Since cocktails are its forte, there are occasional delays in getting your order on busy nights. But when the drinks arrive, expect them to be perfectly executed and served with a genuine smile. You will find an the emphasis is on flavour rather than just drowning everything in sugar syrup. A few wines are also available and for food, you'll have to rely on the neighbouring restaurants as Hazy Rose sticks to its simple business of cocktails, done well.

Like many small bars, Hazy Rose occupies is tucked upstairs, so it can be easy to miss. To find the bar, head down Stanley St from Crown on the left side. Go past the sushi place and a little further you will see a dark staircase that rises on the left side 83 Stanley (above No Name Restaurant).

In brief: Hazy Rose [CLOSED]
Best things: Confident bartenders can deliver cocktails that are a little different to the typical lists.
Don't miss: The balcony over Stanley street on a warm night (however: be prepared to share it with smokers and thanks to council requirements, drinks are not permitted out there)
Ideal for: Small groups, dates
Date tip: Grab a booth and sit on the same side, or the quiet table inside on the left near the balcony.
Gripe:Overly loud music can be too intrusive at times and wreck the intimate feel of the bar
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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