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Sydney CBD
Since I Left You
338 Kent Street, Sydney

Since I Left You, Sydney

One of the problems with small bars is space. So what better way to tackle the issue than to go minimalist. Since I Left You borrows from many themes to create an ambience that is classy without being pretentious. It also borrows from some retro pop culture including its name (Since I Left You is a song and album by Australian group The Avalanches which features music samples spanning several decades) and the bar's logo - easily identifiable to fans of the TV series, Madmen.

The long narrow bar is warm and inviting, which contrasts to the back laneway section. The space is an empty hollow as nearby skyscrapers tower above. It's a space that feels both open and vaguely imposing. Grab a seat in the early evening (furniture typically appears from 6-10pm) in summer or snuggle inside in winter.

If you're heading out early in the evening or at the start of the week, check the chalk board for daily specials including items such as $5 beers, discounted cocktails and wines. Likewise, head to the Facebook page around festive events (Christmas, Melbourne Cup Day, Valentine's Day) or public holidays. On these occasions Since I Left You will offer up something a little different, or a package deal. At other times of the year, wines, beers an unadventurous cocktail list are available plus simple share plates and snacks.

In brief: Since I Left You
Best things: Buzzing but not noisy
Don't miss: Outside drinking area amongst the skyscrapers and city decay
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends, after work drinks, dates
Date tip: This bar looks like it was built for dates. Try to steer clear of high traffic areas, particularly around the bar. Avoid sitting opposite each other, but otherwise take your pick.
Gripe: Given the styling and theme of the bar, it would have been nice to see a classic cocktail menu, rather than the more general, sweeter varieties available anywhere in Sydney (do Cosmopolitans really need to be listed on menus anymore?).
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Since I Left You, Sydney review and address. A bar that borrows from many themes to create an ambience that is classy without being pretentious.