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The Barber Shop
89 York Street, Sydney

The Barber Shop Bar, Sydney

Itís always been a curiosity why so many businesses stick to one thing when it is clear opportunities exist for providing more services. Some places are more like cafes by day, bars by night. Shirt bar sells business shirts and alcohol, and so Barber Shop combines haircuts with cocktails. It not just cocktails as youíll find wines ($9-$12), a limited selection of beers such as Little Creatures ($9), cider ($10) and 10 or so cocktails ($18). Donít be shy to ask for you own as the staff are friendly and talented enough to mix any of your favourites. Martini drinkers are in for a treat as the olives are the size of small eggs and served on the side, rather than in the glass.

If gin is your preferred choice, there are plenty of different flavoured bitters to give a new twist on the old GíníT classic. This can be taken to a new level when you consider there are over 30 varieties of gin on offer, right through to the 1970s edition of Plymouth Coates gin at $32 a shot. More conventional gins are a bit more reasonable at $9, but even at that price, they are still a more than you would expect to pay for Beefeaterís or Gordonís gin. Similarly whisk(e)y is a strong favourite featuring blended, Irish, Single Malt and American styles.

On the food front, there are some limited snacks Ė mainly a cheese platter ($16) or mixed ham platter ($14). They are small servings but just the right size and price. Finally, itís true. You can order a haircut off the drinks menu. A haircut will set you back around $50 and for substantially more than two-bits, a shave and a haircut is $75 (both include a free beer).

Location: out the front on York Street side, The Barber Shop literally has barberís chairs where you may see people getting a haircut. Walk through this section, say hello to the barbers and up the stairs to the darkened bar. The outdoor back area shares the same courtyard space as the entrance to Baxterís Inn. For easy bar-hopping, step over the chains and straight across to your next destination.

In brief: The Barber Shop
Best things: Outdoor area, friendly staff, music at realistic levels.
Don't miss: Gin on tap, just for the fun of it. But be sure to mix it with one of the specialty bitters they have on hand
Ideal for: Catch-ups with friends, after-work drinks
Date tip: The place can get very noisy, so week nights are the best. Grab a couch on the right as you enter off York Street.
Gripe: A bit too crowded and noisy at times, but this is due more to bad acoustics rather than loud music. Expect a queue on Friday nights.
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: The Barber Shop Bar, Sydney review and address. There aren't many places in the world where you can get a haircut and enjoy a cocktail while you wait.