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Surry Hills-Darlinghurst
The Owl House
97 Crown St, Darlinghurst

The Owl House, Darlinghurst

It would be fair to say while most small bars let their drinks lead and the food follow, The Owl House's prime drawcard is its food. Donít take this the wrong way - the staff will welcome you regardless of whether you've come for a choice of beer from the massive selection or to explore the adventurous food menu. Plus the cocktail menu is decent but not overwhelming - however, if it is a busy night you may find it difficult grabbing a seat to enjoy it.

The venue is compact, intimate and you'll feel like it's your local - even if you have travelled across Sydney to get there. With a narrow and enticing upstairs area and balcony, the bar fits the mould of a converted inner-city terrace. The downstairs long bar is great and provides a seated place to mingle with others but even a relatively small crowd it can make it harder to get a comfortable spot in the narrow spaces.

Having a decent food menu really makes The Owl House stand out, but at an average of $25-30 for mains and the same for the cheeseboard makes it a tad on the expensive side. Throw in a smaller starter and a couple of cocktails and you'll be getting a bill over $100 a person. It may not win on value but the dishes are definitely worth exploring.

In brief: The Owl House
Best things: Friendliness, being spoilt for choice
Don't miss: Taking a peek over Crown St from the upstairs balcony on a balmy night
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends,
Date tip: Owing to the long design, there are not too many date-friendly areas but the front area of the downstairs bar and the upstairs balcony may be your best bets.
Gripes: Finding a spot when the seats are all taken, plus the food - while delicious - could be better value.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: June 2014
You are here: The Owl House, Darlinghurst review and address. It would be fair to say while most small bars let their drinks lead and the food follow, The Owl House's prime drawcard is its food.